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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Tj Brownfield reviewed Gracie Tampa South MMA
via Facebook

I have been training at GTS for almost a year now and I have enjoyed every min. They offer several types of classes; BJJ, boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, Judo, Yoga, fitness kickboxing and a variety of kids programs including daycare. The instructors have always been friendly and helpful, but more importantly all the other students are very welcoming. Starting martial arts can be very intimidating, but I highly suggest you stop in to GTS for at least a walk through to see that this is a very comfortable place to train.

Katy Jean Moore reviewed Gracie Tampa South MMA
via Facebook

This Gym is the best in Tampa hands down. I have been a member for a little over a year, and that decision has literally transformed my mind, body, and soul. I was your typical NPC competitor that joined GTS because of my bodybuilding coach. He told me it would be great cardio and I would love it. It is addicting!You learn so much about yourself mentally, and physically!The coaches are incredible. The facility is clean and amazing! After a long day at work I can't wait to go train, and be in the environment that Matt Arroyo and his staff have created at this gym. It caters to any fitness level. The intro programs, all the way to advanced are set up to make anyone successful! I am truly grateful for Gracie Tampa South!

Kelly Weber Francisco reviewed Gracie Tampa South MMA
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Our 6 & 7 year are both enrolled in Gracie Tampa South’s Big and Little Ninja programs. Not only are they learning jiu jitsu – a skill they will carry with them through adulthood – the coaches help the kids grow their core character as well. Every month they learn about a different positive trait – honesty, friendship, initiative, just to name a few. Our children learn about how to be “bullyproof”, and how not to be a bully. They learn the importance of individual development, but also the importance of working as a team – Brazilian jiu jitsu may be an individual sport, but you can’t learn or improve if you don’t work with your teammates. I can’t say enough positive things about the kids program and how much it means to our boys. Oh, and did I mention both myself and my husband train here as well? From beginners classes to high-skill level classes, GTS has you covered for fitness, for jiu jitsu, for striking/Muay Thai...you name it, they have top level coaches and amazing classes.

Darlene Witham reviewed Gracie Tampa South MMA
via Facebook

Awesome place with a whole lot of great people. It's clean, welcoming and accommodating! The ladies room even has shampoos and conditioners if you were in a rush and forgot your essentials. Can't ask for a better way to treat guests. 10/10

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Whether for competition or fitness, challenge your body with our MMA classes!

Take Your Combat Skills and Fitness to a New Level

MMA is an intense but FUN form of martial training that’s been embraced by some of the greatest athletes in the world. Come challenge yourself both physically and mentally with our MMA classes!


Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Do you want to become

the best version of yourself?

Do you want to push yourself athletically and tone your body like a professional athlete?

Do you want to be able to defend yourself in dangerous situations?

Do you need a healthy way to burn off stress and get rid of aggression?

Ever feel in a rut from the same old workouts at the gym?

Luckily there is a comprehensive solution…

Your body gets accustomed to your usual routine and you’re not getting the results you want. You know you need a challenge.

MMA focuses on physical fitness and the mind-body connection. It presents a unique challenge for your body and your brain. Some of the best athletes in the world have turned to martial arts as a way of honing their physical and mental skills.

you will grow with every class!

You’ll tone and train your entire body while learning how to creatively combine some of the world’s most effective fighting techniques into one discipline that you can use in the ring – or in self-defense.

MMA Pushes Your Body to Its Peak

If you want to get into the best physical shape of your life, climbing onto a treadmill a few times a week just isn’t going to get the job done.

MMA combines many forms of martial arts into a new and exciting physical challenge, toning every muscle and burning fat better than most other forms of exercise.

Not only that, MMA works every aspect of physical fitness, building strength, endurance, and flexibility all at the same time.

MMA Gives You the Confidence to Defend Yourself

Self-defense is as much about training as it is about strength and size. The biggest, beefiest guy in the world can still lose a fight if he’s not trained.

MMA is the ultimate fighting method because it uses the best techniques from boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, and many other martial arts, combined to give you the tools you need to defend yourself in any situation.

Because MMA is a competitive sport, you’ll get plenty of practice sparring and training, meaning that you’ll be ready for whatever dangers you encounter.

MMA Builds Competitiveness and Confidence

Training to fight is the heart of MMA, even if you never do!

Competing against other fighters allows you the opportunity to prove that you have the strength, agility, and determination to come out on top.

The discipline required for MMA training builds confidence and allows every student to walk with pride.

MMA Eliminates Stress and Anxiety

Every one of us feels stress and anxiety some of the time – and constant stress is bad for your body and your mind.

MMA training provides the intense, stress-relieving workout you crave. By increasing the connection between body and mind, and enforcing discipline and self-control, MMA banishes stress.

The stress relief provided by MMA carries over into your work life and your personal life, providing you with the outlet you need for negative emotions.

Enjoy a clean facility with a fun, family environment. Learn from the best instructors in the game that take the time to follow through with your performance on the things you're taught. Fit for people of all ages and sizes, its a great way to get in shape or if you're that future mma champion, the coaching staff here can facilitate your needs to succeed.

Matt Allison

A true family environment. Amazing support, incredible instruction, wonderful people. Going into a martial arts facility for the first time can be a bit intimidating; however, the GTS family has made my wife and I feel so welcome. The staff and the members are encouraging and friendly, challenging but fun. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Master Matt has created a great MMA gym.

Lance Crawford

I dont think anybody can say there's a better mma gym on the west coast of Florida. To sum it up in one word, I would say, "class". Matt runs a professional gym with down to earth, easy to understand instructors *all of which have had pro fighting experience. I respect everybody I've had the honor of meeting, whether its a staff member at the door or someone I spar with. It's just a great place to go for people of all skill levels, in all walks of life, in any age group. I dont care what you do or who you are, this gym has a spot for you & will make you healthier & a better person & fighter.

Brock Austin Walker

Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!


Do I have to have studied martial arts before to take MMA classes?

No. You’ll learn everything you need to know in class, and you can choose a class that matches your skill and comfort level.

Are people who study MMA required to compete?

No, that’s not a requirement. Many MMA students choose to compete, but you can learn what you need to know by sparring and fighting in class.

Is MMA dangerous?

There is always some risk of being injured when fighting, but if you study with a qualified instructor and follow safety precautions, it is unlikely that you’ll be seriously injured.

Can women study MMA?

Yes, they can. Both women and men study and compete in MMA.

Why are martial arts classes a good workout for people who want to lose weight?

Martial arts classes combine a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout with muscle toning. That’s the ideal combination for people who want to lose weight since building muscle also increases the metabolism.

I’ve struggled for years to lose weight. How can martial arts help?

Martial arts classes are fun and intense. You can only lose weight if you burn more calories than you consume, and martial arts classes provide an excellent, calorie-burning workout.

More Benefits

MMA classes are a great place to meet new people and experience athletic camaraderie.

MMA can help you lose weight and burn calories.

Learning MMA can improve your performance in other sports and activities.

MMA increases respect for yourself and others.



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